Paul Morrissey

Paul MorrisseyFr. Paul F. Morrissey, OSA, Center Director

After directing the Austin Center for Counseling in New York for ten years, Paul came to Philadelphia to begin the Spiritual Health Center (SHC)in 2004. Based out of the Ministries Center at St. Augustine Church at 4th and Vine Streets, and following the charism of St. Augustine, it is hoped that this center can foster a reach-out to all people seeking spiritual guidance and connection in a disjointed world.

Paul’s unique mix of a civil engineering background and a doctoral degree in spiritual direction are the catalysts that impel him to initiate an “electronic spiritual community” by means of the SHC web site. In addition, Paul is a trained group facilitator, an award-winning author (Let Someone Hold You: the Journey of a Hospice Priest, Crossroad, 1994), and currently serves as a prison chaplain in the Philadelphia Prison System.

The staff of the Spiritual Health Center is currently all volunteer. If you would like to assist in any way, contact Fr. Paul at (215)-922-2277.